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To understand who we are, first, meet Gabriel. Born to an impoverished family in Bolivia, Gabriel captured the hearts of Paul and Carol Nester and was quickly adopted through World Vision, a humanitarian aid organization. Feeling the support of this boy on their hearts, Paul and Carol organized and formed Gabriel’s Promise. At its core, Gabriel’s Promise is comprised of and fully encompasses serving people in need. Conceived out of love and empathy, and propelled from a deep-seated conviction of helping our fellow man, our support ensures the necessary infrastructure for Gabriel’s village. Through well drilling to provide access to safe drinking water, and providing the adequate and nutritious food we extend the hand of human kindness to those in need. Paul and Carol are currently researching other opportunities to assist children in need of compassion and care. Supporting Gabriel in his native country led to foster children in their local area. It is a mission that Paul and Carol are passionate about. Providing love, stability, education, and nutrition for the next generation
is a win, win, win.

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I've Got Some Questions?

Good. We've make it our passion to know the answers.

What can Medicinal Hemp (CBD) do for me?

Gabriel’s Promise mission is to provide education with relevant, cutting-edge science-based information about the potential health and wellness benefits of WeCanna™   PCR CBD, answering the underlying question: What can Medicinal CBD do for me!  –  READ MORE

Why is Gabriel's Promise Different?

Gabriel’s Promise leased farm, located in the state of Colorado produce’s the most CBD Rich Whole Plant, Full Flower Profile Medicinal Hemp in the entire USA. Under the State of Colorado US Farm Bill 7606, we grow the highest grade, pesticide-free, Non-GMO, Organic CBD.-  READ MORE

The sought after Entourage Effect

Although hemp produces naturally less than .3% THC,  we are one of the only companies in the world utilizing a proprietary and unique technology that is able to completely remove the THC from our extracts – READ MORE

The Studies Say...

The product which Gabriel’s Promise provides is NOT the small little bottles you will find ay any Smoke shop or convenience store, though out the country. We have proactive studies which have been culled over the past 15 years. Many hundreds of hours have been dedicated to making sure we have created the purest and beneficial form of CBD. Please feel free to review all our documentation and studies.

Doctors Speak Out

There are so many viable studies which support the use of medicinal CBD and marijuana. These findings are well documented and there are many doctors and scientists speaking out in attempts to get the truth out. Information is power, so become powerful. And you can do it right here!